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Does your creative staff run for cover every time you mention presentations? Do your clients prefer PowerPoint over InDesign? Quit worrying about it and hire me to create your presentations. It's what I do.

Help When You Need It

Presentation Specialist

Ninety percent of my work is designing clean, contemporary slides. I know the software and psychology of the medium. I also know the nuances and likely problems that are unique to presentation design and delivery.

Trained Designer

Unlike many presentation designers, I actually studied graphic design in college. I have a BFA in design from UCLA and an MFA in illustration from the University of Hartford. And I have over 20 years of experience in the field.

Experience With Agencies

I've worked with a lot of agencies over the years. From strategy decks and competitive analysis to capabilities decks and marketing strategy, I've designed a lot of slides to help agencies convey their messages to their clients.

Relief for Your Staff

Your creative staff doesn't really want to be working on presentations right? And they hate PowerPoint. I know. That's partially why I got into this niche. Hire me to take on your presentation work so you can free up your staff to work on what they love.

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Office Security

Marketing Strategy

Casual Dining

Marketing Strategy

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