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Details & Pricing

Design Match

You'll need a functional, branded template and final (but not designed) content placed on your slides

What You'll Get


Design of all slides following the style of your existing presentation.

Basic Animation

Simple builds and/or transitions to help clarify your message.

Editable Files

You will receive the native, fully editable files used to create your presentation


Roughly 1 hour per 15 slides. Includes email, phone, messaging and text.

Template Tweaks

Adjustments and additions to your theme and master layouts as necessary


Roughly 2 hours of revisions per 15 slides.

Design Match Pricing

Average Prices & Timing based on Slide Count

1 -2 Weeks
2 Weeks
2 - 3 Weeks


Adjustments may be made based on slide count, complexity and timing

Simple Process


We'll go over design, goals, audience and timing among other things.

2: Setup

I will check your theme, master and layouts and make any needed adjustments to get it ready for production.


All slides will be designed. You may get a mid-point check-in depending on how many slides you have.

4:First Draft

I'll send you the first draft of the completed deck. You'll get a round or two of revisions prior to final delivery.


The final is delivered as a fully editable file in PowerPoint, Google Slides or Keynote.


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