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Agency quality for less.

Over 20 years experience.

Presentation Specialist

Think twice before hiring a generalist designer or agency. I am focused exclusively on designing high-quality presentations (including pitch decks). It's all I do.

Easy Communication

You'll never have to go through an account or project manager. Communicate directly with me or my assistant so nothing gets slowed down or lost in translation.

Fully Editable Files

All of my presentations are designed using true presentation software: PowerPoint, Google Slides or Keynote. I will never give you files created with Adobe.

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Latest Pitch Deck Designs:

Note: To respect Non-Disclosure Agreements, company names and logos have been changed. Some design and content have also been altered.


Interior Design

Slide Design sample: cover slide showing red sofa at right and company logo on left.Slide Design samples: four slides showing stats, charts and user interface of startup app.


Legal Professionals

Slide Design Cover: Klobyr Company logo and tagline reading "Legal Journalism for Millennial Attorneys."Slide Design samples: Four thumbnails with stats and graphs


Materials and Tools

Slide Design sample: Cover showing roll of paper closeup with company logoSlide Design sample: four slides showing sales messaging, stats and team pics.


Crowd-Sourced Service

Slide Design samples: Cover with TwoChe logo on faded background image showing interior of restaurantSlide Design samples: four slides showing stats and graphs


Logistics and Ecommerce Company

Slide Design sample cover. Geisha sitting, looking down left in profiile.Slide Design samples. Four slides showing startup sales strategy stats.


Emerging Medical Treatments

Slide Design sample: Cover slide showing large white lotus flower on purple background.Slide Design sample: Four slide samples showing market and competition stats.


Social App

Slide Design sample: Cover slide showing woman looking at mobile phone screen in shockSlide Design sample: Four slides showing strategy and stats for social media startup app.


Workplace Optimization

Slide Design sample: Cover slide showing geometric, interlocking links with company logo at centerSlide Design sample: Four slides showing product and service descriptions for tech startup app.


Ecommerce Clothing Company

Slide Design Cover for online fashion retailer showing woman in redSlide Design sample: Four slides showing product and stats for online clothing site and app.
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Favorite Presentation Designer

“Kristian's ability to execute creative and clever designs for abstract concepts is a huge asset. These skills paired with an excellent work ethic and consistently met deadlines makes him one of our favorite presentation designers to work with!”

Danielle McGurk, Lead Designer and Karen Walter, Vice Presedent, Extreme Meetings

True Visual Storyteller

“Since we started working with Kristian on the majority of our new business pitch decks and RFP responses, our rate of getting into final pitches has significantly increased. Kristian has the elusive ability to turn complex ideas into simple, visual communications. He's a true visual storyteller.”

Ian Baer, Chief Strategy officer, Rauxa

Reliable, Quick, Intuitive

“Kristian Olson has transformed our presentation/RFP work, strengthening our current client base as well as new business efforts. He is a storyteller at heart and is always reliable, quick, intuitive and responsive.”

Stacie Knable-Crook, Editorial Supervisor, Rauxa

Complete Professional

"Working with KOAD is always a pleasure. We went through multiple content and design iterations for our sales decks. Kristian stuck with us all the way and was a complete professional."

Himalesh Kumar, CEO, Tapdn

Exceeds Expectations

“I can always count on Kristian to quickly come through with work which exceeds expectations. He takes the time to understand exactly what is needed and then delivers that and more. I would recommend him to anyone.”

Casey Moulton, Owner, Kitchen Karate

High Quality Results

“While working with Kristian, he has consistently demonstrated a strong work ethic and a dedication to his craft. His efforts have produced high quality results time and time again.”

Louisa St. Pierre, Executive Agent, Bernstien & Andriulli

Professional and Proactive

“We have worked with KOAD for over 15 years and he has never let us down. He is always professional and proactive, figuring out what needs to be done and doing it.”

Chet cooper, CEO, Ability Magazine

why Hire KOAD for your pitch deck design

Dedicated Presentation Specialist

Presentations are my niche. With almost 25 years of experience in visual communication, I am focused exclusively on designing high-quality business to business presentations in PowerPoint, Google Slides and Keynote.
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Save Time

You have more important things to do than designing your pitch deck. Leave the graphics to a professional and get back to running your business.

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Save Money

My overhead is minimal. There is no creative team gauntlet and no account managers. Deal directly with me, save cash and get superior quality.

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Save Stress

Isn't it time you stopped worrying about how your pitch deck looks? I design slides for a living. It's what I do. Hire me and forget the headache.

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Pitch Deck Pricing

Average Prices & Timing based on Slide Count

1 -2 Weeks
2 Weeks
2 - 3 Weeks


Adjustments may be made based on slide count, complexity and timing

Simple Process


We'll go over design, goals, audience and timing among other things.

2: Look & Feel

I will design five slides from your pitch deck to establish the overall look and feel for the entire presentation.


All slides will be designed. You may get a mid-point check-in depending on how many slides you have.

4:First Draft

I'll send you the first draft of the completed deck. You'll get a round or two of revisions prior to final delivery.


The final is delivered as a fully editable file in PowerPoint, Google Slides or Keynote.


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