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Frequently Asked Questions

How much will it cost?

Pricing for standard services are listed at the bottom of each service page. Add-on services have pricing information at the bottom of each pop-up window. For a custom quote or time based rates (hourly, daily, retainer, etc.) please contact me.

How long will it take?

On average, a typical 30 slide presentation that needs design, brand inclusion, and build-out (production of all slides) can be done in about five to ten business days, sometimes sooner if my workload for the week is light. If you need it faster, I have rush services to accommodate, see below.

Do you offer rush services?

Yes. Cut your time in half with Expedited Rush at $1.5X normal rates. Get it overnight with my Overnight Rush at $2X normal rates. Rush services are not always available. Fees must be paid in advance.

What is your process?

My process isn't very complicated. Here are the basic steps:

1) A Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement is signed by both parties.

2) We have a phone call or email exchange where we discuss your vision, goals, timing, audience, etc. We will go over design considerations (and content if applicable) to determine where you are at and what you need help with. We also review your current slides at this time.

3) I send you a quote or estimate with deadlines. Fixed rate quotes are available for presentations with finalized content (or very close). Hourly estimates are given for projects in which the content is still being edited. Milestones and the final deadline will be included in the quote or estimate.

4) Contract and Initial Payment. Legal paperwork and a 1/3 initial payment are taken care of.  

5) Look & Feel is established (AKA Art Direction or Design Direction). Typically I use five slides to establish a look & feel for your deck. This will be based on the conversation from step 2 above. You can also opt for a more involved look & feel development by using my Extended Look & Feel service.

6) Revisions to Look & Feel. Any adjustments to the look & feel will happen in this step.

7) Build-Out (AKA Production). The entire presentation is designed based on the approved look & feel. Longer decks may have one or more progress check-ins.

8) First Delivery. You will receive the first completed version of your deck.

9) Revisions. Any problems or concerns you have with design, formatting, etc. are dealt with.

10) Final Payment.
The final invoice is sent.

11) Final Delivery. Upon payment of the final invoice, you'll get the completed presentation as a fully editable file in its native software format.

Will I get editable files?

Yes. You will receive fully editable files in PowerPoint, Keynote or Google Slides. You may also receive a PDF file exported from the final if you like.

Is it okay if I only need help with a few small things?

Of course. I'm happy to assist in whatever your endeavor, big or small. A lot of clients use smaller projects as a trial run.

What software do you use?

PowerPoint, Google Slides and Keynote.

I use more obscure software. Can you help?

Most presentation software is roughly the same. Let me know what program you are using and I'll do some research. More than likely the answer will be yes.

What if I don't like the final product?

Don't worry, this is highly unlikely. The first stage of every project is the look & feel. This is where we establish the design aesthetics and make sure everything is looking good. Typically I use five slides for this. On larger decks I may use ten. Either way, you'll have a very good idea of how your presentation will turn out before the bulk of the slides are finalized. At any point, if you are not happy, I will assess how much work was done based on approvals and what, if anything, was not, then come to a fair agreement on what can be discounted or refunded.

Do you have cancellation fees?

No. You only pay for work done. If you need to cancel a job, for any reason, you will not be billed for work that has not yet started.

Where is your client list?

Currently I operate under strict Non-Disclosure Agreements and Independent Contractor Agreements which prevent me from revealing most of my client list.

Do you offer AV or tech support for speakers?

No. My focus is design, content and theme/master setup. I do not assist on-site during your presentation.

Do you do whiteboard or paper presentations?

No. I currently do not offer this service.

Why shouldn't I just buy a pre-fab template?

You can definitely go find a template and use it. If it works for you, great. If you are struggling to adapt your content to it, give me a call.