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About Kristian Olson Art & Design

I started KOAD as a freelance graphic designer in 1996. Back then, I was mostly working on websites, print brochures and logos. I've covered a lot of ground since then.

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The Past

Over the years I have worked for companies big and small, honing my design skills on a multitude of projects. I even had a stint as an illustrator and was professionally represented in New York and London. But something interesting and unexpected started happening about ten years ago: Almost by accident, I developed a large portfolio of presentations.

Another designer was handing them off to me because he didn't like working on them. Then the lightbulb turned on: Despite the important, high-stakes nature of presentations, most designers either avoid them or give them low priority because they are usually required to use PowerPoint, Google Slides or Keynote; software they aren't comfortable with and weren't trained on. My mental gears started spinning. Why not focus entirely on presentation design? They are crucial to business communications, yet very few designers will take them seriously. I found my niche.

illustration of freelance presentation designer... slightly older

The Present & Future

Now, with literally thousands of slides designed for a wide array of businesses, I continue to help my clients deliver their ideas with clarity and impact. My mission is to help you keep your audience's attention, convey your message and make you look like a pro.

My plan for the future is simple: I will continue to offer solid, presentation know-how and high-quality design to all of my clients. My aim is to give you an advantage over your competition who are likely still delivering amateurish, confusing slides.


BFA in Design, UCLA - 1994
MFA in Illustration, University of Hartford - 2011

illustration of freelance presentation designer... slightly older


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