Powerpoint vs. Google Slides: Which is Better for Business Presentations?

When it comes to business presentations, there are two popular software options: Powerpoint and Google Slides. Both have their strengths and weaknesses, but which one is the best for your needs? Keep reading to learn the pros and cons of each software.

The Pros of Google Slides

Google Slides is a software that lets you create, edit, and share presentations online. It was first released in 2006 as Google Docs Presentations and became part of the Google Drive suite in 2013. The following are some of the good aspects of using Google Slides:

  • Google Slides is free to use and easy to learn.
  • You can access your presentations from any device or computer, making it convenient to work on your presentation anywhere.
  • Google Slides has a wide range of templates and themes to choose from, so you can create a professional looking presentation quickly and easily.
  • You can easily share your presentations with others by sending them a link or embedding them in a website or blog.
  • You don’t have to worry about version control if everyone is working on the same file simultaneously. 

The Cons of Google Slides

As with any software, there are also some drawbacks to using Google Slides.

  • Google Slides is not as widely used as Powerpoint, so you may have trouble finding people who can help you with your presentation if you need assistance.
  • It lacks many of the features of PowerPoint, most notably it offers little control over text levels in the master, making text formatting a bit more cumbersome.
  • You may have difficulties printing your presentation.

The Pros of Powerpoint

Powerpoint was first released in 1987 and is now the most popular presentation software option available. Any Powerpoint presentation designer would tell you these are the pros o Powerpoint.

  • Powerpoint is widely used and there are many people who can help you with your presentation if you need assistance.
  • It has a wide range of features, making it easy to create complex presentations.
  • Powerpoint is good for printing presentations.
  • Powerpoint is available for both Windows and Mac, making it compatible with most devices.

The Cons of Powerpoint

No presentation software is perfect. There are also some bad aspects to using Powerpoint. The following are some of the drawbacks:

  • Powerpoint can be expensive, depending on which version you choose.
  • It isn’t as good for online presentations as Google Slides is.
  • Powerpoint can be slow and cumbersome to use, especially on older devices.
  • Powerpoint is not available for Linux or Android devices.

Which is Best for Business Presentations?

Which presentation software is best for business presentations? In general, we would recommend using Google Slides if you want an easy-to-use, free software that is compatible with most devices. If you need something you can edit offline and has more automated features, then Powerpoint would be a better option. 

However, it is important to remember that each business is different, so don’t hesitate to reach out to Kristian Olson Art & Design to find out which software would be best for your specific needs.

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