6 Traits Engaging Presenters Have

Man giving presentation in front of medium sized crowd indoors.

Some people are truly engaging and were meant to be in the spotlight. They have a natural ability to command attention in any room. Some, however, are not as engaging and struggle to keep their audience from drifting off to la-la land. But everyone has certain traits that can be developed so they too can become good presenters. What are the common traits of the best presenters?


Confidence is the number one trait that will carry you through a presentation. You will need it just to make it to the podium. If this is not an innate quality in a speaker, it can be developed. You can build confidence in several different ways. Learn from other presenters whom you find interesting and engaging. Practice speaking on camera and then analyze what you see. Get coaching from experts. Perhaps take an acting class to help you feel more comfortable in front of an audience. If you have the drive to want to be an interesting and engaging presenter, you will build confidence through determination and experience.Energy


The best speakers immediately connect through a chemistry with their audiences. When you, as a speaker are energized and genuinely excited to be there, it’s apparent and spreads throughout the space. This energy sets a dynamic tone throughout your presentation.


When your message is clear and simple, you’ll hold an audience. The moment you veer off and begin rambling, you’ll start to lose them. Keep your message laser focused. It’s important to stay on task and deliver a solid presentation by building your story and adding support as you go.


Public speaking is a kind of performance, and those that do it well, entertain. Even if you wouldn’t call yourself funny that doesn’t mean you don’t have what it takes to show some charisma. Everyone has some humor inside of them, you just have to find a natural way to let it out. The charismatic presenter  exudes a lively, interactive and entertaining perspective. Self-confidence and knowledge are key elements to delivering a presentation that allows the speaker to engage humor and establish a rapport with their listeners. When you are assured  and knowledgeable in the material you are presenting, you will find a natural bent for humor in the delivery of your presentation.

Pro Tip: If you make a mistake or some, unplanned accident happens: LAUGH. Make a joke about it and move on. Taking these things lightly shows confidence.


Empathy is a driving force toward maintaining a successful presentation. The most effective speakers relate to their audience through anecdotes and story-telling. They connect to their audience by finding common ground and empathizing with them on their pain points, concerns and inspirations. Compelling speakers are inclusive with what they say and are able to connect with their listeners from the start.


The most interesting people have an inquisitive nature. They are interested in many things and love to ask questions. Someone who asks questions and digs deeper into a subject matter will do more than just graze a topic—they will define challenges and provide answers to solve them.

These six traits are key to being a successful and engaging presenter. When you have a rapport with your audience, they are more likely to retain the information you are presenting and will want to know more. Skills that are not innate can be developed. With practice and determination, anyone can become an excellent presenter who is unforgettable.

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