6 Tips for Delivering a Powerpoint Presentation and How Professional Designs Can Help

PowerPoint presentations are a great way to demonstrate your knowledge on a certain topic. They can also be very helpful in getting your point across to an audience. However, if you're looking to 'wow' your audience, blow away potential investors, or even just get an “A” in your class, you need to make sure the design ideas in your PowerPoint presentation are top notch. In this article, we’re going to review 6 tips that will help your PowerPoint presentation be as effective as possible.

Use a Simple Design Template

Using a creative, yet simple template design idea in PowerPoint is one of the most important steps in ensuring your presentation’s success. You want to make sure the design is professional and easy to follow. The use of colors that are easy on the eyes and absence of multiple fonts or font styles is a good idea to prevent distractions in your presentation. It’s also important to use high-quality images. Make sure they’re clear and relevant to the subject matter.

Use Appropriate Font and Size

When it comes to choosing the right font for your presentation, you want to make sure it's legible and easy to read. Avoid using more than two different fonts throughout your presentation. As for font size, it’s necessary to know your venue. For example, if you’re presenting in a virtual meeting, using a large HD screen at an event, or exporting the presentation as a PDF to email, you’ll be able to use a smaller font size, whereas if you’re in a large conference room presenting on an old screen or using a projector, you’ll want to ensure you’re using larger type that can be visible.

The bottom line: make sure your presentation font size is optimized for whichever medium you’re using to present.

Use Good Quality Images

As we mentioned before, including high-quality images in your PowerPoint presentation shows your audience your level of professionalism. Not only do the images need to be clear, but they also need to be relevant to the subject matter. Avoid using clip art or cheesy stock photos. If you're going to use images, make sure they add value to the presentation.

Stay Away From Too Many Special Effects

While special effects can be fun, try to avoid using too many of them in your PowerPoint presentation. While they can be a useful design idea in PowerPoint, too many special effects can be distracting, and they can take away from the overall message of the presentation. Stick to simple animations and transitions that enhance the presentation without taking away from it. Professionally-made design templates create a natural transition effect between slides, allowing for your audience to stay attentive.

Limit the Number of Slides

You want to make sure your PowerPoint presentation is not too long. In general, you should make sure you’re keeping a consistent pace between slides. This will ensure that your audience does not get bored or lost with high amounts of information. If you have a lot of topics or data to cover, consider breaking the content up into multiple presentations.

Do Not Read From Your Slides

Reading from your slides is a surefire way to lose your audience. Instead, use your slides as a guide and refer to them when necessary. This will help keep your audience engaged and ensure that they’re actually listening to what you have to say. A professionally designed presentation will effectively highlight main points, while allowing you to communicate by utilizing your notes.

How Kristian Olson Art & Design Can Help You Rock Your Next Presentation

Kristian Olson Art & Design customized templates can take your presentation to the next level. I am a design expert and I can create design ideas for PowerPoint that will make your next presentation professional and easy to follow. Contact me today to learn more about how I can help you rock your next presentation!

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