6 Things Professional Presenters Never Say

Professional woman delivering presentation.

When giving professional presentations, there are a number of guidelines you should follow to ensure you engage your audience and establish yourself as a confident speaker. In addition to dressing the part, you need to sound professional. There are phrases and words you should avoid saying during your presentation in order to keep your audience captivated and trusting in your authority on the topic. Continue reading to learn six things professional presenters never say.

Mastering Your Presentation

There are many do’s and don’ts you should follow to help you master your delivery with your presentation. The words you use during your presentation matter, so be intentional in what you say and make not of the following things professional presenters never say.

1. Avoid Using the Phrase “I Think”

When you use the phrase “I think,” it appears that you are unsure of the information you’re presenting. You should also avoid similar phrases, such as “I guess,” “I suppose,” and anything else that invites doubt Instead, use words that show confidence, such as “I’m confident,” “I know,” or “I’m certain.”

2. Avoid Using Excessive Verbal Crutches

Words such as “um,” “like,” and “so” are verbal crutches that affect how your audience perceives you, even if you don’t use them consciously. Letting these words sneak into your presentation makes it seem like you’re not prepared. You can avoid using such words by practicing your presentation thoroughly before it’s time for you to present.

3. Don’t Start with Excuses

Starting your presentation with excuses such as, “I had a late night,” “I didn’t have a lot of time to prepare,” or something else along these lines is not professional, and it undermines the power of your presentation before you can even begin. Instead, your introduction should address your audience with a confident greeting that will grab their attention right off the bat.

4. Avoid Apologizing

Excuses and apologies should have no place in your presentation. Sometimes technology malfunctions, you lose your train of thought, or something else happens that’s out of your control. Instead of apologizing, address the issue, fix it, and continue with your presentation. You will save time and keep your audience engaged by moving along instead of panicking.

5. Don’t Make Promises

When you promise your audience, “I’ll keep this presentation short,” “I won’t bore you,” “I’ll talk about that later,” etc, you may be making promises you can’t keep. In addition to making unkept promises, you may appear underprepared and unprofessional.

6. Don’t Offend Your Audience

Phrases such as “It’s a no-brainer” or “This goes without saying” can offend some of your audience. Some of your audience may understand your ideas or concepts, and others may not. Using these phrases alienates your audience and can cause unintentional problems with the delivery of your presentation.

Perfecting Your Ideas

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