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Sales Presentations

Sales presentations aren’t just about numbers or product features, they’re about connecting with prospective buyers, understanding their needs and showing them how you can meet those needs. Not merely a presentation of what you can do for potential customers, sales presentations are a demonstration of the results you can achieve for prospective clients. Many salespeople do superb work in their field, but lack the time and expertise to put together a good sales deck. This can often mean their sales presentations lack the necessary polish to turn prospects into customers. As a presentation design specialist, I can help you create amazing sales decks.

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What You Can Do for Them

As an experienced presentation design specialist, I know that prospective customers are interested in what you can do for them. Your prospects should be left feeling like they can’t afford not to purchase your product or service.

Working with you, I will pinpoint the information that needs to be highlighted and the best way to convey that information to your prospects. We will combine the relevant data with your words and our stunning visuals to tell a story about how your product or service will make your prospects’ lives better.

Results Driven

Results, rather than features, is how I'll help you shine a spotlight on why your prospects need your products or services. As long as you can show potential customers your products or services will get results, they’ll be on board with what you’re selling. I will help you structure a presentation that puts results front and center.


Viewer engagement is also a crucial aspect of any successful sales presentation. Your audience should be interacting with you via questions and commentary. If they’re conversing, they’re engaged and that means they’re on the path to purchasing. Let me assist you with a sales presentation deck that will get your prospects talking.

Setting Up Your Template

I can prepare a sales presentation template that incorporates your brand identity like your colors and logo. You can reuse the template for multiple sales presentations by placing whatever information you need. It’s a simple way to create as many slide presentations as you require while keeping them consistent.

I offer sales decks in a variety of formats to suit your needs. I can build you a deck in PowerPoint, Keynote, Google Slides or Adobe InDesign. Regardless of which program you prefer, we can accommodate you with superb design and excellent production.

Problem Solving

You know your industry and the problems your customers experience better than anyone. I can help you convey this in your presentation to show prospective customers that you not only understand their problems, but you have the solutions that will make their lives easier.


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