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An engaging PowerPoint presentation is a crucial tool for companies that want to communicate clearly to business partners, investors, existing clients and potential clients. However, creating an effective PowerPoint presentation is time consuming and requires a specific array of expertise. It needs to be planned so it is intuitive to follow, written so it is easy to understand and designed so it facilitates communication. Each slide needs to convey just enough information to grab the viewer’s attention and make them want to find out more. Many business people who don’t have design experience struggle with this and end up with dull slides that try to convey too much information and end up overwhelming viewers. That’s where I can help.

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Setting Up the Template

In order to keep all your presentations in PowerPoint consistent, I can create templates for your business to use as many times as you need. Your template is built around master slides/layouts and your theme.

Master Slides & Master Layouts

I will use your brand’s colors, logos and other design elements to create the master slides that will keep your presentations consistent and easy to manage. I will also create multiple, reusable layouts to help you build your deck quickly. Or you can have me custom design any or all of your slides.

Design for Clarity

PowerPoint presentations aren’t just about clicking through slides with bullet points and talking about those slides. They are about presenting information in a way that makes people want to know more about the subject.


Themes in PowerPoint are a palette of colors, fonts and special effects that all complement each other. I can customize all of these to create visually appealing PowerPoint slide designs that allow your brand and message to take center stage.

Graphics, Images and Data Visualization

I know what works for succinctly delivering information. If needed, I will create fully custom infographics, charts and diagrams that will help you convey your data and message with clarity. I can also help you locate quality stock icons and photographs to give striking visuals to your story.


I will work with you to present your information in a professional, sophisticated way. Using subtle builds, animations and slide transitions will give you more control over the story flow than simply presenting the information on your slides all at once.


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