Pitch Deck

In order to impress your investors and potential business partners your pitch deck needs to be top-notch. KO/AD is a Los Angeles-based presentation design company specializing in contemporary, concise visual storytelling. We balance the information you want to convey with impactful visuals and design that draws people in and makes a positive impression.

Data Perfectly Visualized

Your pitch deck isn’t just a series of slides with a bunch of data on them, it’s a story that says who you are, what you want to accomplish and how you want to do that. Telling your unique story is what we do best. You provide the numbers and the information and we will marry your data to pertinent graphics that people can easily follow. We’ve learned what information matters to your audience, what visual cues they respond to and what information to leave out. Don’t play the guessing game when it comes to your pitch deck. Rely on KO/AD’s experience and get it done right.  

Design Clarity

Easily the most common pitch deck faux pas is overloading slides with information. We only highlight what is essential and make that data easy to interpret for viewers. Only the most crucial information will be featured on your pitch deck slides. Laser-like focus is critical for making the best impression on your audience.

Complementary Slides

Excellent slides alone don’t make a compelling pitch deck presentation. You need to connect your slides to what you’re saying in a way that brings the entire presentation into focus and makes the entire proposal fit together perfectly. We ensure the visuals are coordinated with your script so the slides are just as powerful as your words.

Setting Up Your Template

You may require multiple pitch deck presentations, but there is no need to make a new one every time you need one. KO/AD will set up a template for you using your branding materials like colors and logos. When you require a new presentation, you simply slot in the new information and save your newly created file. We can build you a template in PowerPoint, Adobe InDesign, Keynote or Google Slides.

Interactive Interest

Rather than have your audience passively watch your pitch deck presentation, you want them to be involved. If they’re conversing with you, it means they’re paying attention and they are engaged with what you are saying. Let KO/AD help you create engagement with your audience through a comprehensive PPT, Keynote, Google Slides or Adobe InDesign pitch deck.


Establishing credibility with your pitch deck is important and we start with that in mind. Once your audience accepts you as a valid authority on your subject, they will be more receptive to what you have to say. With your data and words and KO/AD’s visuals, your pitch deck will have maximum impact on viewers.

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