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A well-crafted Keynote presentation can help you present your business vision to clients, potential investors, customers and even employees. While Apple makes Keynote very intuitive, it still requires expertise in design to create an effective presentation. To really wow an audience, your presentation should be planned, written and designed so people are compelled to watch it all the way through. Designing a Keynote presentation that conveys just the right amount of information in an engaging way isn’t as easy as it sounds. For those who struggle with their Keynote presentations or who simply don’t have time to spare to create a decent presentation, consider hiring me, Kristian Olson, a presentation design specialist dedicated to creating clear, concise and professional presentations.

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Keynote Presentations: Do it right.

Setting Up the Template

Most businesses will need to create more than one presentation. To ensure that all Keynote presentations a company creates are uniform in quality, I can first make a template for you to follow. If you already have one, no problem, we can start with that.

Master Slides & Layouts

I will create master slides and layouts using your brand’s colors, logos and other elements to keep your presentations consistent and easy to build. 


Themes in Keynote are a collection of colors, fonts, text styles and special effects that all complement each other. Whether we use your existing theme or custom build it from scratch, I will make sure your theme and master slides are working together to give you a useable, great looking template.

Clarity via Design

Keynote presentations aren’t just about clicking through slides with bullet points and talking about those bullets. They are about presenting information succinctly, clearly and with impact.

Graphics, Images and Data Visualization

I know how to deliver information. I will build fully custom charts, infographics and diagrams that convey your data and message with clarity. I will also find quality stock icons and photographs to enhance the visual appeal of your slides.


Using subtle builds, animations and slide transitions will give you more control over the story flow than simply presenting the information on your slides all at once. I will help you use the various types of animation available in Keynote while maintaining the highest degree of professionalism.


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