Google Slides Presentation Design

Having well prepared slide presentations is crucial for businesses that want to promote themselves to investors, the general public, existing clients, potential business partners and other stakeholders. However, making a professional slide presentation takes a lot of effort and can take you away from the day-to-day running of your business.

If you’re trying to keep your business running efficiently, you can’t afford to be spending a lot of time trying to perfect a slide presentation. Your business needs you to be doing what you do best, and that’s leading. Let KO/AD help you. Based in Los Angeles, we are a presentation design company that serves clients around the world. We specialize in creating presentations that deliver your message clearly, concisely and professionally.

Google Slides – Do it right.

Set Up Your Template

Rather than just creating a single presentation for your business, we will create a template that can be used to create multiple presentations. The template will bear your brand’s signature look and can be used multiple times for all your Google Slide presentations.

Google Slides has a wide variety of templates you can choose from, or KO/AD can create a new template from scratch. No matter which way you go, your presentations will have a professional polish.


Google Slides makes it easy to take your presentation anywhere by storing it on the cloud. Share your presentation with whomever requires access and if you need to make some minor edits to it, you can edit your presentation in real time with all contributing collaborators. With Google Slides, you never have to worry about hitting “Save,” because Google Slides does the saving for you automatically.

Clarity from Animation

Using subtle builds, animations and slide transitions will give you more control over the story flow than simply presenting the information on your slides all at once. We will help you use the benefits of animation in your decks.

Clarity from Design

A Google Slides presentation should be aesthetically pleasing, but also impactful. You want your audience to connect with the story you are telling. No matter what look you are going for, Google Slides can accommodate your design desires. It offers hundreds of fonts, embedded video capability and animation to make your story come to life.

Perfect Presentation

KO/AD has been creating stunning presentations for years and our Google Slides designers know how to set up amazing slides with graphics, tables, images and animation to convey the just the right amount of information and keep audiences engaged.

PowerPoint Capability

If you want your presentation saved as a PowerPoint presentation, that’s not a problem with Google Slides. You can open, edit and save PowerPoint slides with the Google Chrome extension or app. In addition to that, you can also convert PowerPoint files to Google Slides and convert Google Slides files to PowerPoint. Just let KO/AD know what you want and we’ll get it done.

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