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Financial Presentations

Financial data is often dense and difficult to understand. I can help you highlight the important information and craft your presentations so your data makes sense to your audience. I am adept at visualizing information so it draws people in and communicates clearly. Let me help you fine-tune the delivery of your data and get your message across with ease.

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Expert and Effective Design

Visuals to fit Your Data

Your numbers need to tell a story and I will help you tell it. Find the way your numbers impact your audience and you’ll have an engaging presentation. Couple that story with clarifying visuals and you will have an influential and meaningful narrative that moves and motivates your audience.

Design for Clarity

Pinpoint focus is crucial for making an impression on your audience. I won't overload your slides with information. Instead I will highlight your most important data points and cut out the information that doesn’t matter. Your presentation will be crisp, clear and concise. Don’t guess. Rely on my experience to do it right and save yourself the time and hassle.

Templates and Custom Presentations

Have me build full templates or fully customized one-time presentations or both. I can start with your existing template or set up a new template for you using your brand guidelines. If you only need help with a specific presentation I can get into the small details of design on every slide in your deck. And if you prefer, I can also create your template in Adobe InDesign, Keynote or Google Slides.

Complementary Slides

Audiences can become confused or bored with your presentation and disengage from it if your slides don’t mesh well with what you’re saying. I can craft your visuals to work with your script. They each play a key role in the presentation.


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