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Capabilities Decks

A well prepared capabilities deck can differentiate you from competitors and drive greater urgency among prospective clients and customers to engage your services or buy your products. Not merely a presentation of what you can do for potential customers, these presentations are a demonstration of the results you can achieve for your clients.

Many companies do amazing work, but they often don’t have the time or expertise to effectively convey this in their capabilities deck. Thus, their presentation slides can end up looking drab and not truly indicative of their company’s brand or capabilities. As a presentation design specialist, I can help you create a capabilities deck that showcases your company’s expertise and gets prospects excited.

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Let’s Do It Right

What You Can Do for Them

As a presentation design specialist, I understand that a capabilities deck isn’t about what your company can do, it’s about what your company can do specifically for the people you are presenting to. You want your prospects to leave your presentation believing that they can’t afford to not hire your company. I approach all capabilities decks with this in mind. I will help you pinpoint and highlight the ways your company can benefit the people and businesses you are reaching out to.

Results Driven

Rather than concentrating on what you do, put the spotlight on the results you have achieved with past customers. A capabilities deck should emphasize the results you will deliver rather than how you will achieve those results. I can help you structure a presentation that puts the results you’ve achieved front and center.


While it is important for your deck to look fantastic and have a focus on results, it also has to engage viewers and get them talking with you. Conversation means engagement and engagement means conversions. I will help you create a capabilities deck that inspires conversation and gets your audience interacting with you and talking about your offering.

Setting Up Your Template

I can prepare you a capabilities deck template with your branding. You can use the template to make multiple presentations by inserting whatever information is relevant to the people you’re presenting to. Easily create as many presentations as you need. I can also create highly customized one-off decks for specific, high-stakes presentations. Either way your deck will look great and help you make an impact.

People have different preferences for the programs they use, so I offer custom Powerpoint presentation design, as well as custom built capabilities decks built in Keynote, Google Slides and Adobe InDesign. No matter which of these programs you prefer, I can accommodate you with superb design and excellent production.

Problem Solving

You know your industry inside out and you know the problems your customers experience better than anyone. I can help you express this in your presentation to show prospective customers that you not only understand their problems, but you have the solutions that will make their lives easier.  

Show, Then Tell

All the data and case studies in the world won’t matter if you can’t connect with your audience. As a presentation design specialist, I know how to simplify and fine-tune your slides with visuals that clarify your message rather than simply decorating them. I’ll help you use design as a tool to ease the delivery of your ideas and facilitate communication with your clients and prospects.


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