Pitch Decks 101: Pitch Perfectly with These Tips

It all starts with a pitch, so you’d better put some spin on it. In the world of business, pitch decks have helped billion-dollar companies like YouTube and Airbnb raise capital and find investors. The essence of a pitch deck should be to drive home your value and unique selling propositions. Simply put, how is your idea going to make money? You’ve got to prove this to get the capital you need.

You will, however, find that pitch deck design has evolved. More investors are viewing them on mobile devices, now estimated at 12%, which may make the approach to design somewhat different. However, the basic structure of a pitch deck remains the same:

What is the problem and why does it matter?

How does your product or service solve the problem?

Who are the people behind the idea?

What is your brand’s vision?

Why is your idea unique?

Why will it make money?

What data or contextual information supports your points?

You Might Only Have 30 Seconds

You may only have about 30 seconds to get someone’s attention. Make it count. This means you need a strong first slide. It needs to be the beginning of your story and have just the right information to make an investor Imagine how you’re going to make him money. Overall, an investor will spend approximately three minutes and 44 seconds looking at the deck, according to research on why some startups get funded and others do not.  That time period allows you to have roughly 20 slides max for your deck.

Pitching In-Person? You’ve Got Their Attention

If you are presenting in person, then you’ve got an investors attention. You’ll have more time to further craft your presentation, focusing on what makes you different than anyone else who wants their support. Your presentation can be a key differentiator. Come prepared to pitch with a deck that wows.

The Key Ingredients Your Pitch Deck Needs

You’ve got 20 slides or less to sell your idea. What are the most important parts your deck should include?

·         Value proposition: how your product/service solves a problem and delivers benefits

·         Competitive analysis: what does the competitive landscape look like and how will you break into the market

·         Market analysis: why the market is ready for your product or how it will disrupt it

·         KPIs: key performance indicators to measure that would equate to success

·         Knowing your customer: make it clear who the product or service is for and why they need it

·         Financial details: how much you need and what expenses it’s likely to cover to get the business started

·         Product or service details: Keep it simple going back to how the solution solves the problem.

·         Testimonials: what are current customers saying? Leverage this in your deck.

·         Your team: it’s time to show off the expertise, experience and accomplishments of each team member

Keep Visuals Interesting

Pitch decks should not be boring, but they shouldn’t be over-designed either. Graphics should be appealing and visual and make sense in respect to the industry or sector. Copy should be scannable with headers, subheaders and main points. Paragraphs should remain short as well. White space is a good balance to copy blocks and visuals, too.

Use visuals to represent data as well. Instead of just numbers or regular charts, there are many ways to use graphics to deliver a point. One example is to use icons to illustrate a workflow or process that’s central to your product or service.

It’s time to be creative. Don’t simply produce a deck that is nothing but a traditional PowerPoint presentation. If you’re going to get investors to part with their money, the passion you have for your brand must come through in the visuals and layout of the deck.

Parting Advice

Now that you know what your pitch deck should contain, make the smart move and hire an expert to develop it. Unless you’re a design professional, it’s best to put its creation into the hands of someone that has the experience and creative spirit you need to tell your brand’s story. Partnering with presentation design experts means your deck will look professional and polished.

If you’d like to learn more about how to hire KO/AD for your pitch deck, simply get in touch to get started. We offer design and content services that can help you pitch your service or product perfectly.

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