Adobe InDesign Presentations

Do you hate PowerPoint? We know. Not to worry though, we can help you or your creative team design and build presentations in Adobe InDesign. We'll even convert it to a full fledged PowerPoint template if you ask nicely. A Los Angeles-based design company servicing businesses worldwide, KO/AD specializes in creating presentations that deliver clear, concise and professional messages. Let us use our expertise and create engaging presentations for you.

Adobe InDesign:
We know how to do it right.

Complete Creative Control

At KO/AD, we speak the language of designers. We understand the importance of good aesthetics to a presentation. We are designers at heart and we love the creative control InDesign affords for presentations. It gives you far more control over typography and slide design than other programs.

Easily tweak your presentation if necessary. Because it’s made using InDesign, which you’re already familiar with, you’ll be able to easily make any additions or edits to it as your business grows and evolves. KO/AD’s designers are adept at using InDesign to create stunning slide presentations.

Interactive PDFs

InDesign lets you create interactive PDF files, meaning you can easily embed video and other interactive elements into your presentation, making it more engaging. Adding different elements to your presentation keeps people’s attention and allows you to insert more information without overloading the slides.

KO/AD will take any content you want featured in your slides and present it in a way that makes your presentation more dynamic. Audiences are used to being bored by side presentations, so giving them a richer experience will help you appeal to them more.  

Design Clarity

Although InDesign isn’t usually associated with slide presentations, it’s capable of creating beautiful proposals and demonstrations and gives designers maximum control over the look of their presentations.

Complete Conversion

You may prefer to have a presentation designed and created in InDesign, but require it to be converted to another program. KO/AD can do that, too. We can convert your InDesign presentation to PowerPoint, Keynote or Google Slides if you require it. We regularly work with all four programs.

Setting Up Your Template

We don’t just create an InDesign slide presentation for you, we create slide templates in InDesign that can be used multiple times. That way, if you have follow up presentations, you can use the templates to create new slides and keep them consistent with your brand.

We can create a customized template for you or we can use a template that you’ve already created yourself. We will gather input from you to create a template that reflects your brand’s values and goals while also being attractive and inviting.  

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